How to Claim your Rewards

1. Ensure you have logged into Discord before making your Purchase
2. Ensure you connect your CFX Account to your Fivem Client.
3. Please login to our server. Once logged in you will have a maximum wait time of 30 minutes before automatically receiving your purchased items.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available from the time of purchase up until you log in to the server and receive your in-game rewards. In-game rewards are automatically deposited upon login.

Chargeback Policy
If you have failed to request a refund before receiving your in-game rewards and then attempt to chargeback via your bank/debit or credit card provider this will result in an automatic permanent ban from the server and the Discord without appeal.

Important Information
Please be aware that we have a automatic character deletetion system, after 30 days of not connecting to the server your character and all its assets are deleted.

That means that if your character gets deleted or you committ suicide via our suicide spot located on the map, we will not reapply your perks including 1 of 1 cars if you made one or more Supreme donations. It is your responsibility to ensure that your character doesn’t get deleted by logging in to the server at least once in any 30 day period, if you know that you are going to be absent for longer than that then you can have this extended but you MUST let a member of staff know via DM ahead of time so we can safeguard your character on the database.

On the subject of 1 of 1’s, there has been an increase in instances where people are selling their unique vehicles and then expecting a replacement.
Any players selling their 1 of 1’s will now also lose ownership of that vehicle once they hand their keys over. Unique 1 of 1 vehicles are exactly that, only one player has the right to use that particular vehicle so whoever you sell it to will also gain complete ownership of it.